What is Sarafan Radio?

Sarafan Radio is a privacy-oriented, peer-to-peer, distributed, open source, crowdfunded, ads-free social network.

It allows you to stay in contact and share with your friends without exposing your contacts, conversations, photos and videos to a third party.

There is no central database, all that you share is stored on your and your friend's computer/phone only.

Why another social network?

Sarafan Radio was conceived as an alternative to Facebook but with personal privacy and freedom of speech in mind.

It allows to do the same things that Facebook does - share posts, pictures, video, chat and call from your phone or computer, but makes it impossible for the social network owner to control the content you share or even see it.

How it works

Sarafan Radio uses peer-to-peer distributed application architecture that keeps the data you send on your and your friend's device only.

The data is never stored on any intermediate server and point-to-point encrypted.

It makes the social content to belong only to you.

Client-server social network

All the data Alice is sending to Bob is going through a central sever. The owner of the server is able to access the data.

Peer-to-peer social network

Alice sends data directly to Bob. Only they can access it.


This software is in project / ideation stage.

We need your help to go live!

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